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Magento Go is a wonderful user-based site that assists anyone wanting to build their business online. Whether or not storeowners have website experience, or know nothing about developing websites, Magento Go has the services and tools required for any job.

This Magento Go review will elaborate on some of the key features the site has to offer entrepreneurs and small-businesses alike.

Tools and Options

The business idea is purely the business owner’s. Magento Go simply helps owners move to the next step and increase their success. With customizable websites that employ drag and drop techniques for simple design, businesses can be up and running without the hassle of HTML knowledge.

It also offers SEO tools to increase a business’s visibility through search engines, attracting traffic and potential customers. Other features for customer interaction, such as coupons and loyalty rewards, reviews, and easy purchasing, keeps customers happy and returning.


The site offers plans that start from as little as $15 dollars a month include free set up and domain names. More advanced plans cost a little extra but offer free support, more available items, and personalized domains.

If an owner is worried that they won’t like the set up from Magento Go, they can try a 30-day, fully functional, free trial without entering their card number. Full memberships can be started at any point during a trial.


All plans come with over a hundred features to help with business. Store designs, languages and currency, marketing and promotions, payment assistance, checkout help, security features, catalog browsing, social shopping, product management, security options, reports and analysis, and other tools give owners information to grow and manage their business.

These features will keep business thriving, ensuring all customers of all payment types (credit/debit cards, Paypal, etc.,) technology experience and know-how, locales, and shopping preferences will feel welcomed by the site. Furthermore, the starting an online business with Magento Go even allows customers to pay from foreign currencies.


Beyond all of this, Magento Go has quick access to support forums, blogs, video tutorials, 24/7 support, updated designs, webinars, and more all available to any customer.

The guides provide exceptional walkthroughs and clear instructions for site design. If an owner would rather export their work to a designer, Magento Go offers direct links to over 50 site designers directly on its site.

The blog includes links to the webinars, where business professionals and users of Magento Go walk through steps in setting up sites, exploring the fine tuning of them, and working around issues. It’s like a personal business community with permanent access and help at any time.


While this Magento Go review can’t provide all the information a potential owner needs to start a business, it’s a good look at the outstanding services Magento Go offers. More detail can be found on Magento Go’s website.

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